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The YoguYogu ProGames in Chile

Monday, November 21st, 2011

November 20th, 2011

The mini-MegaRamp in Santiago, Chile

For the first time in our country, made ​​the Pro Yogu Yogu Games extreme sports competition has been most important in Chile, produced by Sports Marketing Demaria MegaRamp together with, a producing the X-Games and the most important events of the discipline around the world.

Between 19 and 20 November in the Mall Plaza Oeste, in the town of Cerrillos, will present the world’s best exponents in the disciplines of Skate boarding, BMX (bicycle) and FMX (Free Bikes in Style mode)

Never before had organized an event of such magnitude that combines the three disciplines most important and attractive urban extreme sports.

More than a million dollars will be invested to have a luxury infrastructure with a capacity stadium 9 000 people, audio and lighting worldwide and the best riders in the world like the American Vincent James Byron  gold medalist in the X – Games Asia 2011 and the Chilean Coco Zurita, competitor X – Games and World Cup runner-up in Germany 2008 (BMX). There is also a Brazilian – American Bob Burnquist (Skateboard), winner in 2007 and 2008 X Games Big Air and Lincoln Ueda, who won bronze in the category of Mini Mega X – Games Asia 2011 (Skate). In addition, Todd Potter FMX specialists, who won seven medals at the X-Games Best Trick by Greg Hartman and winner of the X – Games Dubai 2007, say this in the competition.

The BMX and Skate ramp is almost 60 meters long and 10 high, brought from the United States Sports Marketing Demaria, plus lighting towers and audio technology Dimer Line Array. The ramp will be the same as that used in the Asian X-Games 2011. In this, riders can reach altitudes of nearly 10 meters, where you can do all your stunts and tricks. This will test all the capabilities of these athletes who will present their jumps to 9 thousand people per day.

The best athletes present at the competition:

Lincoln Ueda (Brasil – America) 1st in the Oi Vert Jam in 2007 Brasil
Bob Burnquist (Brazil – America) Gold X – Big Air Games 2007 and 2008
Elliot Sloan (USA) Bronze Big Air Rail Jam X – Games 2010
Pierre Luc Gagnon, PLG (Canada) Triple X-Games gold medal in Big Air, Best Trick Vert FPFB.


Morgan Wade (USA) Silver X – Games 2006 and Gold Metro BMX Jam LSingapur.
Vincent James Byron (USA) Gold X – Games Asia 2011.
Kevin Michael Robinson (USA) Gold X-Games Best Trick Gold 2007 and 2006 and 2009 X-Games Big Air.
Colton A. Satterfield (USA) 4th Brazil Mega Ramp 2011. L
Coco Zurita (Chile) Silver BMX World Germany, 5th X – Games 2010.

Todd Potter (USA) Gold X – Games 2008, 2009 and 2010 Best Whip
James Carter (USA) Rookie L
Derek Garland (USA) 4th Masters of Dirt 2008 and 5th Best Trick X – Games Brazil 2008. L
Garret Ahlf (USA) Bako Boy

El Mercurio

ASA MegaRamp Triples At Orange County Fair

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

August 6th, 2011

Matt Wyatt beats out Vince Byron

Over the past few days the ASA Triples contest has been going down at an unsuspecting location inside the famous Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California. More than a handful of bangers have gone down on the massive jumps and vert quarter, and we were there for the contests the past two nights to catch the action after bouncing from the big Nike comp in Huntington Beach.

The format is pretty complicated, but we’ll try our best to put it in an understandable nutshell…Here goes:
Eight riders were selected to be the “main guys” that got a by to compete on Friday and Saturday, and will put on a “mock contest” demo on Sunday. Wednesday there were 12 riders that competed. The top four from Wednesday competed against the eight main guys on Friday. Thursday a different set of 12 riders competed. Then on Friday the top four riders from Thursday’s contest competed against the eight main dudes. Friday and Saturday were two separate contests with two sets of prize money.

Each contest uses a rider versus rider battle/bracket format. The losers from the first round brackets get to compete against each other in a second bracket. The winner from that group gets to go to the semifinals as the “lucky loser.” Then all the riders that are left in the brackets continue to battle until only one rider is left. Confused yet? We thought so.

Professional BMX riders energized the crowd Friday night at the OC Fair during the MegaRamp® ASA Triples contest in the Action Sports Arena. Twelve of the best riders from around the world showcased their big air skills on the 195-ft. course that featured a 25 ft. high roll-in ramp, two 25 ft. jumps and a massive course-ending quarter pipe. The final head-to-head battle came down to fellow Australians Vince Byron, who took silver at last week’s X Games, and Matt Wyatt, who worked his way to the finals from the open qualifiers. In the end, Wyatt’s front flip tailwhip and 360 double tailwhip to barspin earned him the win over Byron, who fell twice in the final round.

“It was a great contest with some of the new up-and-coming guys really standing out,” said Head Judge Dave Brumlow. “Matt came through the qualifiers and proved himself against these seasoned pros. He really set the bar for the rest of the weekend’s competition.”

Full Results – Friday, August 5
1st Matt Wyatt
2nd Vince Byron
3rd (tie) Ryan Guettler/Rob Armour
5th (tie) Kyle Baldock/Brett Banasiewicz
7th (three-way tie) Zack Warden/Pat Casey/Austin Coleman
10th (three-way tie) TJ Ellis/Brandon Dosch/Mike Clark



MegaRamp/Big Air X Games 17

Monday, August 1st, 2011

July 30th

Steve McCann And Bob Burnquist take home the gold on the MegaRamp/Big Air event at the X Games

High-flying veteran Steve McCann won a dramatic gold medal in BMX Big Air on Thursday night, sealing his first X Games victory on the final run of the competition. McCann edged fellow Australian Vince Byron to win one of the most carnage-filled contests in recent X Games memory with a score of 91.66. Byron, an X Games Big Air rookie, took silver with 90.66 points despite missing his last two runs due to a broken handlebar.

McCann’s fourth and final run included a double front flip to a massive double tailwhip on the quarterpipe, where he flew more than 15 feet off the lip. The dramatic finish came after reigning gold medalist — and Thursday’s third-place finisher (89.33) — Chad Kagy was carted off via stretcher with an apparently serious leg injury. Kagy landed a no-handed double front flip on the MegaRamp but flailed wildly as he plummeted out of the night sky off the quarterpipe, exploding on impact. He lay motionless for nearly 10 minutes as medical staff tended to his leg. Over the course of the evening, it became almost difficult to watch as competitor after competitor slammed into the hardwood, making spectators wonder which of them would not get up.

BMX Big Air finals

1st- Steve McCann
2nd-Vince Byron
3rd-Chad Kagy


Brazilian legend Bob Burnquist returned to the top of the Skateboard Big Air podium Friday night, winning his third gold medal in the discipline and first since 2008.

Adam Taylor claimed silver and Edgard Pereira won bronze for their first X Games medals, while 14-year-old, 95-pound Mitchie Brusco’s much-anticipated debut ended with him taking fifth out of seven skaters. Brusco, one of just six skaters in history to land a 900, stomped a stock run on his first effort but fell on all four subsequent attempts over the gap and never got to throw the 900 on the quarterpipe.

Burnquist, 34, posted the two highest scores of the night, a 92.66 on his fourth run and a 92.33 on his second. His winning run featured a switch frontside 540 over the gap and a unique, lien-to-frontside grab 540 on the quarterpipe, when he switched hands on his board at the height of his jump. Burnquist later said the run was all he’d hoped to land going into the event.

Skate Big Air results

1st- Bob Burnquist
2nd- Adam Taylor
3rd- Edgard Pereira




NESCAU Oi MegaRampa

Monday, July 11th, 2011

July 11th

Bob Burnquist three-peats in Brazil and 14 year old Mitchie Brusco lands four 900s in 3 days

Results in from NESCAU MegaRampa, the second event in the inaugural MegaRamp Championship Series.

Los Angeles (July 11, 2011)—The best MegaRamp athletes from around the world converged on Sao Paulo for what turned out to be three days of historic MegaRamp competition.

Results in skateboarding:

1st Bob Burnquist
2nd Mitchie Brusco
3rd Adam Taylor
4th Edgard “Vovo” Pereira
5th Ronnie Gomes

Lincoln Ueda went out to injury on the Friday. Dropping 15 ft thigh first to coping to flat, saw Lincoln out with the mother of all bruises and a fractured wrist.

Bob Burnquist confirmed his status as the best MegaRamp rider out there with his second win in this year’s MegaRamp Championship Series (he also won the MegaRamp Open at Woodward West). This was also his third straight Brasil event win in front of 12,000 screaming Brasilian fans. The event was also seen live on Sport TV and GloboTV in [x million households]. Bob Burnquist was even a trending tag on Twitter on finals day. Bob’s Christ Air Backflip across the gap was possibly his insanest trick.

The real story in skate was teenage phenom Mitchie Brusco. Four 900s across three days, two of them in contest and the first one coming off a 50-50 boardslide on the insane MegaRail. Mitchie came second and has won himself a spot at X Games Big Air on July 29. He wasn’t that far off nailing a kickflip 3 across the gap before hitting the 9. If he pulls that one at X Games he might well be looking at a gold medal in LA.

São Paulo (SP) – Douglas Leite, the only Brazilian in the BMX NESCAU ® Megarampa, gave a concert on Saturday and won the Big Air (air staff). In his third day in a megarampa, “Doguet”, 6.20 m and flew up the audience, estimated at 8,500 people packed the stands of the Sambadrome Anhembi. The Australian Steve McCann and Vince Byron finished second and third places.

After the victory, Doguet has been welcomed by rivals and fell into the arms of the crowd. “I went through many difficulties in career and get to this point is wonderful. Thanks to those who always believed in me,” said the biker who teaches Extreme BMX Park, City Hall in St. Bernard.
On Thursday, Doguet made ​​10 jumps and impressed the organizers and judges coordinator Kevin Robinson, one of the biggest names in world sport. Robinson would compete, but was injured and ended up judging the maneuvers and Milk Douglas was invited to join the NESCAU Megarampa ® 2011.

Colton Satterfield is the best maneuver – With a mixture of 720 ° in hand with back flip 360 degrees in hand, the American Colton Satterfield won the contest for best trick.

“Jump and take your hands off the handlebars is exciting and I felt confidence in me when I saw the audience. I have competed in many places and certainly the Brazilian fans are the most passionate. Everyone understands our maneuvers,” said Satterfield.



Thursday, June 16th, 2011

June 16th, 2011

MegaRamp Air in the Square

On Thursday afternoon in New York City, Times Square was treated to something altogether different: the Air In The Square MegaRamp ASA Triples event. Yes, a BMX contest, running North to South along Broadway between 42nd and 43rd Street.

Placing first in the event was Salt Lake City via Idaho dirt, park and MegaRamp rider Colton Satterfield, who rode consistent throughout the day, and took home his first major win as a pro. “I did a bar barspin back barspin to tuck no-hander today, among other things. But that one made me stoked for sure,” said Satterfield. It was a new move for Satterfield, who also threw out huge 360 flips, and his helmet to the crowd once results were announced.

Satterfield, who’s been on the BMX comp tour circuit on his own dime, said the win could help him pay off some mounting travel bills.

Placing second behind Satterfield was 16-year-old rookie pro Pat Casey, who impressed the judges throughout the day with nosedive 360s, 720s and his ability to boost the ASA Triple ramps. In third, closely behind Casey, was DK Bicycles’ Brett Banasiewicz, now a vested pro on the BMX comp circuit.

Additional competitors in the head-to-head format that failed to podium included an international cast of respected BMX pros, such as Ryan Nyquist, Daniel Dhers, Rob Darden, Vince Byron, Zack Warden, Steve McCann, Mike Spinner, Austin Coleman and more.

The event, produced by MSG Action Sports in partnership with ASA Entertainment, was held in conjunction with the official launch of MSG Action Sports, a division of MSG Sports that will produce a variety of action sports and lifestyle events, properties and television programming.

The ramp, specific to the MegaRamp ASA Triples contest, consisted of a 195-foot long scaled down version of the X Games MegaRamp, with an extra jump thrown in, designed to place a greater emphasis on horizontal air than vertical air. Despite being a product of MegaRamp, the ramp was nowhere near the size of a MegaRamp, with jump gaps no longer than 15-feet each.


Woodward West MegaRamp Championship Series

Friday, June 10th, 2011

June 10th, 2011

Woodward West and the MegaRamp Open

Yesterday Woodward West in Tehachapi, California hosted the first event of their MegaRamp Championship series. The event had a veritable who’s who of the dangerous discipline in attendance (minus the godfather of the discipline, Danny Way, who was present but not competing). In a not-so-shocking turn Bob Burnquist, the only skater with his own MegaRamp to practice on, finished first. Out of the 10 riders for BMX that hit the 50, 60, and 70ft gaps and 27ft tall quarter, only one of them had competed in the Big Air event at X Games, so it was good for a new crop of riders to get their chance to compete on the monster-sized setup.

2011 MegaRamp Open Results:

BMX                                                        SKATE

1. Morgan Wade                                  1. Bob Burnquist
2. Vince Byron                                 2. Adam Taylor
3. James Foster                                3. Lincoln Ueda        

2011 MegaRamp Open At Woodward West from MegaRamp on Vimeo.

Kia X Games in Asia

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

May 3rd, 2011

Fans in Shanghai were treated to a feast of world-class action, as Zack Warden and Pierre-Luc Gagnon took home gold medals.


Skateboard Mini Mega

The final round of the Skateboard Mini Mega Final featured a who’s who list of multiple X Games gold medallists such as Jake Brown from Australia, Andy Macdonald from the USA and Brazilians Sandro Dias and skateboard legend Bob Burnquist. However, it was Pierre-Luc Gagnon who stood head above shoulders and successfully defended his title by the smallest of margins, scoring 95.00 points in the very last jump of the competition to beat Burnquist’s score of 94.00.

It was an afternoon of late comebacks for Gagnon, who executed a backside flip over the gap into a melon 720 in the dying seconds of the first heat to jump to the top of his group. And after a tight see-saw battle between the two decorated athletes at the end of the final round, the Canadian outdid Burnquist in the final ticks of the clock with a Big Flip Mute Grab over the gap and finishing strong with a Fakie 720, that saw the crowd erupt having seen such thrilling roller-coaster climax.

“Walking up those steps right before my last run was the most difficult thing ever,” said Gagnon. “I knew the contest was on the line, and I had to try something different, something that was me. The thing is, I’ve been trying the whole week, and the combination of the Big Flip Mute Grab and Fakie 720 just hadn’t been coming off the whole time. It was really awesome how close this contest was with the lead changing so many times, but that just makes the victory sweeter.”

BMX Mini- MegaRampTM Final

American Zack Warden upstaged favourite BMX legend Chad Kagy and defending champion Vince Bryon to win the gold in the BMX mini-MegaRampTM Finals.

Several riders battled challenging conditions at the event, including Kagy, who was also hampered by a painful left hand having recently undergone surgery. With the rest of the field were still adjusting to both the conditions and the mini-MegaRampTM, Austin Coleman showed the way forward, pulling off a string of one-handed tail whips and 720 spins that elicited loud cheers from the audience.

But it was not long before Vince Byron, who had won the BMX Vert on Saturday, decided to step up his game as well, and the Australian nailed a Backflip-Double Tailwhip over the gap, followed by a Quarterpipe-540 no-handed Bar Spin on his fourth run to pull ahead of the competition.

Warden, who had already crashed hard twice in his previous runs, executed a Backflip-Bikeflip and raised the bar by completing a high-flying Triple whip to finish with a score of 91.00, leaving Byron with the silver (89.00) and Kagy with the bronze (82.00).


Kia X Games


The Hall of Fame for Bob Burnquist

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

December 5th, 2010

Bob Burnquist inducted into the Skateboard Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Bob Burnquist for being inducted into the Skateboard Hall of Fame on December 4th. Along with Bob, other inductees were Steve Caballero, Eric Koston, Stacy Peralta, Torger Johnson and Patti McGee.
“Skateboarding’s rich culture has been built around iconic heroes that have helped to take skateboarding to another level of progression, inspiration and fun,” said John Bernards, International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) executive director. “IASC recognizes the importance of honoring the pros that made skateboarding what it is today- without those icons and legends the tricks skateboarders are doing today would not exist. This year’s inductees represent the best, most progressive skateboarding from 1960 to 2010 and we congratulate each of them on their accomplishments.”
Check out Bob’s acceptance speech: (video)





Saturday, September 25th, 2010

FORT WAYNE, Indiana (September 25, 2010) – Dubbed the “Zack Attack” by friends and family who waved signs and cheered him to a victory during tonight’s MegaRamp ASA Triples (Triples) event at Fort Wayne’s Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Zack Warden (O’Fallon, IL) claimed his first ASA Entertainment event title by beating favorite Brett Banasiewicz (South Bend, IN) in the finals.

The competition was close and came down to the last run of the event.  Both men took spills on their first run of the two-run finals; Warden crashed attempting a back-flip bike-flip and Banasiewicz failed to complete a front-flip tail-whip.  Knowing that Banasiewicz was the event favorite having won the last two Triples events (Augusta, GA and Sacramento, CA), and was performing before an audience filled with his Washington High School classmates and family, Warden knew it would take a great run to win.  He threw a 360° bar spin tail-whip, back-flip bike-flip, then a double tail-whip off the quarter-pipe and landed everything, surprising himself and thrilling the crowd with the back-flip bike-flip which he had never done.

“I’ve been working on that trick for the last three and half months.  I knew I had to pull that out to win,” said Warden.

For his last run, Banasiewicz triple tail-whipped the first jump, landed a cash roll over the second jump and double downside-whipped the quarter-pipe, but slipped slightly and his feet hit the ramp. He then regained his balance, finished the run and waited for the results. Warden’s skillful performance and Banasiewicz’s slight misstep put a new man atop the winner’s podium.

“I feel good!” said Warden lifting the trophy above his head in celebration.  “I’m really pumped that I did the trick that I wanted, and walked away with this sweet trophy.”

Warden met Pat Casey (Yorba Linda, CA) in the semi-finals.  Casey recently placed second at the Triples event in Sacramento and looked set to roll into the finals tonight, but with everything clicking for Warden, the pressure was on.  Casey fell in both of his runs and had to settle for third place along with Colton Satterfield (Salt Lake City, UT), who, not only for the second consecutive Triples competition, but also for the second time tonight, was eliminated by Banasiewicz.

Satterfield first met Banasiewicz in the quarter-finals, then had to best all of his opponent’s in the Battle Back round to return to the main competition, where he found himself matched against Banasiewicz again, this time in the semi-finals.  Satterfield’s best semi-final run was no match for the front-flip tail-whip, corked out 720° and inverted flair that Banasiewicz executed, so he had to accept third place.

All of the excitement of the MegaRamp ASA Triples from Fort Wayne, IN will be broadcast nationally on Fox Sports Net as part of event producer, ASA Entertainment’s action sports block which starts in November.  Check your local listings for specific broadcast times and dates.

For more information about the 2010 MegaRamp ASA Triples, please visit or contact Denise Abbott at 310-410-3020 ext. 309 or via email at


About ASA Entertainment:

Founded in 1994, ASA Entertainment Group, LLC is an action sports event, television and content production agency focused on creating and executing customized, turn-key marketing programs that range in scale from grassroots to global.  ASA’s events, featuring skateboarding, freestyle BMX, inline skating, freestyle motocross, snowboarding, surfing and music, are broadcast domestically on eight networks (including CBS and Fox Sports Net), and distributed to more than 700 million HH globally via 30 international broadcast partners.  ASA’s productions span the spectrum from large, international competitions such as the ASA Action Sports World Tour, the World Championships of Freestyle Motocross, The Supergirl Jam Series and the ASA Big-Air Triples to amateur contests, lifestyle and branded entertainment events, demonstrations, exhibitions, school programs and mobile tours. After 17 years as a leader in action sports, ASA Entertainment regularly connects brands to consumers through its platform of premium action sports and lifestyle content.  For more information, visit or

About MegaRamp Events

The MegaRamp was the brainchild of skateboarder Danny Way.  Since its debut in 2004 MegaRamp has transformed both skateboarding and BMX live events. MegaRamp brings the world’s best athletes together where excitement, innovation and excellence are a guarantee. MegaRamp Events controls rights in the MegaRamp name, trademarks and related rights.  MegaRamp Productions produces MegaRamp live events.  For more information check out, join MegaRamp on Facebook and follow MegaRamp on Twitter for all the latest Mega news.

Bob Burnquist Pulls Off Incredible Feat On Mega Ramp

Saturday, September 11th, 2010
September 11, 2010
By: Blackout

As you know, I had an awesome time at the X Games this year and got to interview and meet some of the athletes I grew up watching my entire life. I’ve seen the progression of action sports, and skateboarding is one of those that has managed to grow by leaps and bounds through the adversity of the riders and their willingness to bring the sport to new heights…literally.

Bob Burnquist is basically a living legend in the world of skateboarding and took home the Gold medal in the Skateboard Mega Rail event and a Silver medal in Skateboard Big Air at this years X Games. But that may be due to the fact that he has his OWN mega ramp built in his backyard!

Last weekend, Bob pulled off an incredible trick on his mega ramp that left the best skaters in the world in awe.

Last Saturday, Bob Burnquist landed the FIRST ever 900 on a mega ramp! And not just any 900, a fakie-to-fakie 900! If you were watching the X Games, you probably saw Bob trying the trick countless numbers of times, all to no avail. Last weekend brought something special to the world of skateboarding. The trick left fellow mega ramp junkie Danny Way “speechless.”

“After mastering forward to fakie and fakie to forward indy 720’s, it was a natural evolution to move onto the 900. I had to open up my mind and thought process and just try it differently. It was a surreal feeling to finally land the trick,” says Burnquist. Fellow pro rider Bucky Lasek said, “He is my hero! Possibly the best trick to date on a skateboard,” while legend Tony Hawk said, “Bob has upped the ante once again and ramp skating will never be the same thanks to him. He is unbelievable.”

Quite an honor coming from some of the best in the business. To make it even more incredible, he landed it PERFECTLY.

Bob Burnquist Mega 900 Fakie to Fakie

Friday, September 10th, 2010
September 10, 2010
By:Pete Thomas

Bob Burnquist predicted before the recent X Games that the next great skateboarding trick on the dangerous Mega Ramp would be a 900-degree rotation above its quarterpipe wall. “I haven’t really put it down because I haven’t wanted it yet,” said the perennial X Games star, who four years ago built a Mega Ramp in the backyard of his home in Vista, Calif. “I’ve kind of been waiting for the right time and the right moment.”

That moment did not arrive during the action sports festival, although Burnquist tried repeatedly during and after the event’s big-air competition. But he finally came through on his prediction Saturday, by completing what vert-skating veteran Bucky Lasek described as “possibly the best trick to date on a skateboard.” Burnquist not only nailed the first 900 on the Mega Mamp, a large contraption used in X Games big-air competitions. He did it “fakie to fakie,” meaning essentially that he skated up the quarterpipe wall backward — ultimately lofting 40 feet above ground as he spun the 900 — and landed on the same wall backward.

Burnquist, who waited until Wednesday afternoon to announce what he had accomplished and to post a video on the website, said in an interview Thursday: “I didn’t want it just to be another 900. In my mind I’m like, ‘I don’t care how long it takes, I’m going to do it differently.’ ”
Burnquist, who along with Danny Way have progressed Mega-Ramp skating to daunting new heights, becomes only the fifth skateboarder ever to land a 900. The other four — beginning with the legendary Tony Hawk in 1999 — did so on traditional vert ramps, which are much smaller and less dangerous. Said Hawk: “Bob has upped the ante once again and ramp skating will never be the same, thanks to him. He is unbelievable.”

Asked how many times he tried the 900, in different variations over the past several weeks, Burnquist answered, “I’ve tried hundreds of times, probably 900 times, who knows?” And yes, he believes the 1080 is possible, but that’s a story for another day.

Burnquist Lands Fakie Mega 900

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
September 9, 2010
By: Asayer

Bob Burnquist has once again pushed skateboarding to new heights and made snowboarders around the world feel completely insignificant. has just posted up the video footage of Burnquist stomping the first ever fakie-to-fakie 900 on a Mega Ramp.

It had already been tweeted on ESPN that the trick had been landed but now the footage is out.

“Bob Burnquist has successfully landed a 900 on the mega ramp, tweeting about the accomplishment on Sunday. He becomes the first skater to land a 900 on the mega ramp and only the fifth skater to land the trick in history (Tony Hawk, Georgio Zatoni, Sandro Dias and Alex Perelson round out the elite 900 club). He was roundly congratulated, via Twitter, by other vert luminaries including Jake Brown and Hawk.

“The 900 has been my elusive trick,” Burnquist said while visiting Oakley Headquarters in Foothill Ranch, Calif. Tuesday. “I’ve been trying it for a long time. I was there when Tony [Hawk] landed it for the first time. I was there when pretty much everyone landed theirs. … I didn’t want to do it like everyone else has done it … I tried frontside 9′s, indy 9′s. The fakie to fakie was looking better and better — so that’s the one I pursued.”

X Games legend Bob Burnquist finally makes good on ‘Mega’ stunt

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
September 9, 2010
By: Pete Thomas

Bob Burnquist predicted before the recent X Games that the next great skateboarding trick on the dangerous Mega Ramp would be a 900-degree rotation above its massive wall.

He tried repeatedly, during and after the event’s big-air competition, to nail the landing after soaring 15 feet above the lip of the 25-foot quarterpipe. But trying to spin just right and negotiate a perfect landing just proved too difficult.

Yet in his mind’s eye the skateboarder could envision sticking that landing, and last Saturday, after two dogged hours of trying some more on the Mega Ramp at his home in Vista Calif., Burnquist made good on his prediction by completing what vert-skating veteran Bucky Lasek described as “possibly the best trick to date on a skateboard.”

Burnquist not only became the first person to nail a 900 on the Mega Ramp, which features a steep roll-in and jump leading to the 25-foot wall, he did it “fakie to fakie,” meaning that he skated up the wall backward — ultimately lifting 40 feet above ground as he spun the 900 — and landed backward too.

Burnquist, who waited until Wednesday afternoon to announce what he had accomplished and to post a video on the website, said Thursday: “I didn’t want it just to be another 900. In my mind I’m like, ‘I don’t care how long it takes, I’m going to do it differently.’ ”

Burnquist, who along with Danny Way have progressed Mega-Ramp skating to daunting new heights, becomes only the fifth skateboarder ever to land a 900.

The other four — beginning with the legendary Tony Hawk in 1999 — did so on traditional skating halfpipes, which are much smaller and less dangerous. On the Mega Ramp, given the speed and height factors, slamming into the deck of the quarterpipe or drifting out into the flat and crash-landing from 40 feet can result in serious injuries.

Said Hawk: “Bob has upped the ante once again and ramp skating will never be the same, thanks to him. He is unbelievable.”

Asked how many times he has tried the 900 overall, Burnquist answered, “I’ve tried hundreds of times, probably 900 times, who knows?”

And yes, he believes the 1080 is possible, but that’s a story for another day.

Skateboard Superstar Bob Burnquist Lands First Ever 900 On The MegaRamp

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010
September 8, 2010

World renowned Skateboarder, Bob Burnquist, made history over the weekend by successfully stomping the first ever 900 on a Mega Ramp, and the first ever fakie to fakie 900! Since completing the construction of the Mega Ramp on his home property back in 2006, Bob made it one of his primary goals to land the 900 and in the process of trying has mastered a plethora of new tricks. But nothing has been quite as sweet as what happened on Saturday night.
Bob explained his progression towards undertaking the new trick. “After mastering forward to fakie and fakie to forward indy 720′s, it was a natural evolution to move onto the 900. I had to open up my mind and thought process and just try it differently. It was a surreal feeling to finally land the trick.”

After numerous attempts to land the regular indy 900 for the latest Flip video, Bob woke up last week and thought to himself, “this is the week I’m going to land this 900, I don’t care how I do it!” When several variations of the trick proved unsuccessful Bob then tried it fakie to fakie and it just felt right. And with a few more attempts Bob successfully landed the first ever fakie to fakie indy 900 on the Mega Ramp. The response from his peers has been overwhelming. As Bucky Lasek quoted “he is my hero! Possibly the best trick to date on a skateboard.”

Bob has once again successfully added another trick to his repertoire and only continues to impress and astound his peers, including Danny Way, who exclaimed “I’m speechless. Bob is amazing.” Tony Hawk suggests the major impact Bob has had on skateboarding during his career; “Bob has upped the ante once again and ramp skating will never be the same thanks to him. He is unbelievable.” Bob has already boasted an impressive 2010 season in competition and with the 900 now under his belt, there is no question he will continue to amaze.

“I would like to thank my family for all the support, especially my wife Veronica Burnquist and our daughters… and all the people that have inspired me to progress over the years; including Tony Hawk, Danny Way and Bucky Lasek for their continued inspiration, Thank you.”

Burnquist’s sponsors include Hurley, Oakley, Flip Skateboards, Sambazon, Toyota, Chipotle, Nixon, Ricta, Independent, and

Head over to to check out the video.

Sick! Oakley’s Bob Burnquist Lands First Ever Mega Ramp 900, Fakie to Fakie

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010
September 8, 2010
By Andrew De Lara

It’s eluded him for a while now. He tried it on the X Games mega ramp this summer…but to no avail. But when Oakley skate legend Bob Burnquist finally landed the 900 this past week – on his backyard mega ramp, provided in part by Oakley – it was even more insane than he originally intended. Why?

Not only was it on a mega ramp. It was fakie to fakie.

Check out what Bob had to say about the huge feat during a routine visit to Oakley Headquarters on Sept. 7.

On the 900
“The 900 has been my elusive trick. I was there when Tony [Hawk] landed it for the first time. I was there when pretty much everyone landed theirs. There’s been four of five guys who have done it now. I’ve always kind of put it in the backburner: I’d try all these other kinds of tech tricks, then I’d try it. But I didn’t want to do it like everyone else has done it – which is forward to forward. And also, the way they grab…I wanted to grab differently.”

On How Long It’s Taken – and His Attempt at X Games 16
“I probably could have done it a while ago if I did the same grabs or if I really focused on what was already done. But I wanted to do it on the mega ramp, because no one’s ever done it on the mega ramp – and I wanted it to be different.

Until I got to that point, it took me until two days ago when I thought: okay, I’ve been skating the mega ramp long enough. And I really thought I had it at X Games. I tried to put it in my run, because I thought, that’s the time when you have to put it down. If you’re gonna’ get hurt in a ‘make it or break it’ type of situation, that’s the time.

It didn’t happen. And because it didn’t happen, it was even harder on me. And it was a lot more pressure, because everyone had saw I tried it and I hadn’t gotten it. So ever since, I’ve been like ‘I gotta get this.’ I don’t care what’s happening around me, contests or whatever, I gotta’ get this trick, because it’s one of the most important things for me to do.”

On Opening His Mind to Finally Just Throw It down
“I just woke up this week and said, this is the week. I’m gonna’ do a 900, however I can. So I’m not going to be stuck on any one way. I’m going to try it any way I can. And that’s when the fakie to fakie came to mind. Because I was doing the 720’s really good. So I thought, maybe I could just turn around and try it.

I tried frontside 9’s, tried more indy 9’s. The fakie to fakie was looking better and better – so that’s the one I pursued. And I did it in one day. With the other ones, I’ve tried for years. And I finally opened up my mind a little bit.“

On Being Insanely Stoked on the Feat…
“That’s why I’m way stoked. It’s surreal. It doesn’t even feel right. It happened so easy. I mean, new tricks are like that. I was thinking in my head, what took me so long?”

On Why It Was That Much More Meaningful to Land It the Way He Did
“I’m just really excited that it happened on the mega – there’s that whole excitement around it. And to make it even better, it happened fakie to fakie – the first time anyone’s ever done it that way. So it’s a double first. So I’m way stoked.”

On His Mentality This Week
“Just go for it – get it done. For some reason, it’s easier for me to land that way than any other way (fakie to fakie).

Just clearing my mind of any thoughts like: ‘If you can’t do it forward to forward, what makes you think you can do it fakie to fakie?’

It’s a 900, just get it done however you can.”

On Being on Cloud 9 Right Now…
“I’m just a happy camper right now! I’m super stoked – I don’t even know what’s going on. I feel like I have a lot of life and energy in me to keep pursuing.”

Bob’s Message to Oakley Fans Around the World!
“I’m more than thankful for Oakley’s support throughout the years. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Oakley’s support with the mega and having it in the backyard. So it was a huge effort from all of us. To have Oakley help me out with my backyard mega…now I have the 900 in the bag. Oakley is a huge part of that, and I thank them for it.”

Woodward West Mega-Ramp Grand Opening

Friday, August 20th, 2010
August 20, 2010
By: Odds_n_Ends

Woodward West held the grand opening for their new Mega-Ramp on 8-17-2010. Skaters, and BMX’ers like Bob Burnquist, Lincoln Ueda, Elliot Sloan, Marcelo Bastos, Morgan Wade, Andy Buckworth and more came out to test the new ramp.

Bob Burnquist And Danny Way Break In Woodward West’s New Mega Ramp

Thursday, August 19th, 2010
August 19, 2010
By Adam K. Raymond

Woodward West just opened up a brand new Mega Ramp, an intimidating beast that you couldn’t get us on if we were wearing full football pads. But unlike us, Bob Burnquist and Danny Way have balls, so they agreed to break the ramp in. Along with their fellow guinea pigs, Burnquist and Way got some massive air as they flew over the ramp’s first gap and then up its 27-foot quarter pipe. They also got in some pretty sick wipeouts. But you know what they say, you can’t have a Mega Ramp without some mega spills. Ok, no one says that, but it’s true.

Via Alli Sports

Marcelo Bastos Mega-Slam at Woodward West

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
August 18, 2010
By Odds_n_Ends

Not too long after Elliot went to the hospital, Marcelo flew a bit too far over the deck on this massive tailgrab 540

New MegaRamp At Woodward West

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
August 18, 2010
By Jeff Z

With the help of DC Shoes, Woodward West built a mega ramp to help further the progress of riding said ramps and to help the next generation of riders get a chance to gain experience as well. Yesterday was the unveiling of the ramp and we were on hand to watch the show as BMX and skate pros including Morgan Wade, Andy Buckworth, Danny Way, and Bob Burnquist sessioned the behemoth ramp.

Woodward West Opens New MegaRamp

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

August 18, 2010
By Jared Souney

Photo - Jared Souney | The view from a top the landing of Woodward West's new full-sized MegaRamp.

Woodward West opened up its new Mega Ramp yesterday with a media day kick-off jam. A handful of the top Mega Ramp skateboarders and BMX riders came out to try and tame the new beast. On the BMX front, Morgan Wade, Anthony Napolitan and Andy Buckworth made the trip out to Tehachapi, CA (though Anthony, sore from several back to back contests, sat out the session) and christened the new ramp.

The new Mega Ramp at Woodward West features a huge roll-in to a choice of a 50, 60, or 70-foot gap, followed by a massive landing into a 27-foot-tall quarterpipe. When the Mega Ramp team says “mega” they mean mega. You might be able to see the ramp from space. It’s that big.

Woodward West’s new Mega Ramp is one of the few permanent setups in the world. While it’s more directed at pros than the average Woodward camper, there’s no telling what sort of new Mega Ramp talent and tricks we’ll see come to fruition with this massive structure.

It was scary just climbing the stairs and standing on top of this thing. I’m perfectly happy taking pictures and enjoying it vicariously through Morgan Wade.

Photo - Jared Souney | Morgan Wade breaking in the new MegaRamp with a tucked no hander.